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Why did I choose to become a Celebrant, you ask?

For as long as I can remember, I have been a conversationalist. My friends and family constantly mention it, my workplace love it and even my school reports would say things like 'could talk underwater with a mouth full of marbles!' I love to know people through their stories and find most connect with me for my open and relatable nature.

I have been a Medical Scientist for 16 years both in Aus and abroad but this is an indoor, out of the public eye role. My inner extrovert craved more. When my husband proposed (on a beach at sunset, aw!), I soon found myself in front of a young Celebrant who walked us through this magical prenuptial world. I could not stop admiring both him and his role as a whole, it was like a calling from destiny. With that I trained in the art of Celebrancy, studied the finer details to make it unique for my clients and have never looked back. My conversationalist, my inner extrovert and my clients are all thrilled!

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