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What does your celebrant services include?

My celebrant role includes unlimited meetings, either in person, by phone or email, use of a professional PA system, a rehearsal of the big day, completion and submission of all related paperwork, and your legal marriage certificate ordered for you from Births Deaths and Marriages.

What paperwork needs to be completed?

As part of my duties as a Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant, it is my job to ensure that your marriage is accurately recorded and all official paperwork completed correctly. There is a legal requirement under the Marriage Act that at least one month's notice and no longer than 18 months is given for you to be married. The form to use is the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) and you can download the form here. The form must reach your celebrant no later than one month before the wedding.

If you need to apply for your marriage to be conducted outside this timeframe, please call me urgently as we must make an application to a local court house to seek permission to conduct the wedding. I can assist you in getting approval for the ceremony if less than one month's notice is required, provided the reasons meet the criteria.


Documents required to complete the NOIM

If you were born in Australia you must supply either your birth certificate, an extract of birth or a passport. If you were born overseas an overseas birth certificate, translated in English or an overseas passport can be used. If you need documents translated, they can be done here. If you have been married previously you will also be required to supply evidence of how the previous marriage ended i.e. divorce/death.

You will Sign an Official Marriage Certificate and The Marriage Register on the day of your wedding and all documentation will be Registered with Births, Deaths, and Marriages by me.

What if I need to get married before the one month notice period is up?

There is a legal avenue you can take called applying for a Shortening of Time. There are only 5 particular criteria that your circumstances must fall into one of in order to be approved and it will require a signature from the courts. If time is of the essence, contact me as soon as you think you may need a shortening of time and together we will put your best case forward.

Is there a template or traditional/legal structure we must follow?

Absolutely NOT! I always build ceremonies individually for each couple. At the introductory meeting I take you through the ceremony guidebook I have developed; it is over 100 pages long and helps you in the development of your own ceremony. Apart from the few sentences of legal wording that is mandatory for the marriage to be legitimate, the rest is up to you. Be as traditional or as out of the box as you would like!


A lot of couples these days are opting for variations in the ceremony choosing to do away with the traditions that aren't as relevant to them such as the giving away and the readings and are instead including music verses and lucky dip witnesses (ask me - it's so fun). My job is to provide you with the options and make them a reality on the day.

Do couples meet you at your place or only theirs?

My packages include all meetings at your home and also the rehearsal at your venue if available.

Do you allow meetings after the initial meeting or just emails and phone calls?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of times we can meet. Face to face meetings help us both to get to know each other and if that doesn't work, I can do a zoom or skype meetings.

What are the requirements with the Witnesses?

All the legal ceremonies require 2 witnesses to the ceremony to sign the legal paperwork. They need to be able to understand English and be over the age of 18. They do not have to be part of the bridal party if you wish. Mums of the couples seem to be a hot favourite.

Do you do a rehearsal?

I always offer a rehearsal for my Full Weddings at the venue. A rehearsal is fantastic as it takes the stress away. Please allow 45-60 minutes for a great rehearsal. It helps you and the bridal party to enjoy themselves on the wedding day without stressing about where to stand and what to do.

How long should the ceremony go for?

Generally, Full Weddings and Non legal ceremonies go for approx 20 minutes, depending on your wishes. In total, from my early arrival to pack up, I will be at the venue for around 2 hours. You need to bear in mind, if it is an outdoor location, the time of year ie: summer heat or winter rains will have a major bearing on your planning.

Can a religious component be included in the ceremony even if the ceremony is not held in a church?

Of course, this is one of the beauties of a civil ceremony, you can tailor it to your needs, and you can have as much or as little religious component as you wish. Remember there will be no religious component if you do not want any.












Do you have a wireless PA system?

I do have a wireless mic and speaker I can supply for the ceremony which does not require power allowing the location to be free of cables and power outlets. I can also play music through the system if required. BUT if you're having an intimate wedding and you feel this will not add to your overall wedding vibe, we can go acoustic. I've got experience in public speaking so I assure I can project my voice when needed.

How do I pay?

A non-refundable payment of $200 is to be paid within the first 14 days of a wedding being booked. This covers the cost of the legal work being prepared and secures your date with me. The second payment is due after the first draft of the ceremony is written OR three months before the wedding with the final payment one month before the wedding.

What will you wear?

I will wear whatever you want me to!


I always make every effort to coordinate as best I can to your bridal colours and styles. So tell me what colours your bridesmaids are wearing, what flowers you will carry, and the theme of your wedding, so I can fit in as best I can. And I am more than on board for costume/dress themes!! 

















Fiancé Visa requirements

If your fiancé is based overseas and you require the “Letter for Immigration”, please contact me so I can explain the requirements to ensure that your fiancé and any overseas guests have the correct documentation to apply for their visas. Please click on the link for the NOIM and complete page one. I can answer questions you have regarding the wedding process when the Immigration Department is involved.

Permits for conducting a wedding in a park/beach

There are many parks and beaches where you do not need a permit to hold a small wedding.  If you are having rows of chairs, red carpet etc then generally you will always require a permit.  Please contact me to discuss the requirements.

Why are celebrants prices so varied?

Great question!

This is a growing industry and it is not regulated by any price categories or restrictions. Due to that, you will find that celebrants who perform their duties in certain areas might be priced due to the saturated market for wedding vendors or the lack thereof.

Like a lot of things in life, you get what you pay for. I truly believe in my services and while I may have a mid range price tag attached to my service, it is all inclusive. You will find some celebrants charge for extra meetings, inclusions in the ceremony like hand binding or sand ceremonies, whereas mine are included. You will not get any nasty surprises leading up to your wedding of extra amounts being charged. A trestle table and glitchy PA system is not my style and you will feel secure knowing you've made the right choice.

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