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20 Unique ways to propose on Valentines Day!

Proposal Ideas

I would like to start this by congratulating you on what could be happening for you very soon! If you’re just gathering ideas then still, it’s a big step. It’s totally worth all the anxiety that you’re feeling. Planning a proposal around Valentine’s Day is actually excellent camouflage. They won’t ask why! They won’t wonder! Just know that they’re going to love it. Some people are more nervous than others. I’m sure whatever you’re feeling isn’t the first time! So many people have gone through this and if they made it, then you can too.

Ideas for the Man Proposing

Under The Stars

It can be scary, proposing and all, but there are surely many different lovely ways for you to do this. Proposing on Valentine’s Day is great! There are so many ways you can do it as well! One way to do this simply involves a starry night. So many women find this romantic and beautiful. Which I’m sure is how you feel about her! Keeping it simple is the best way to plan this one out. Just get a blanket, a warm drink, maybe a snack and the ring!

On a Sunset Beach

This one depends on your location, but always consider a sunset beach. It’s lovely and can be planned rather well if you have a weather channel type of app as most can predict sunrise and sunset. You both may be early risers and could do a sunrise. If she doesn’t like getting out of bed in the morning, then you might want to plan a sunset. You can do this just as a spur of the moment type of idea or you can plan it after a lovely dinner out. It’s very versatile so be sure to include things she enjoys!

During Valentine’s Day Vacation

If you have a vacation coming up to a beautiful location, then bam! Taking a vacation on Valentine’s Day makes sense anyway which makes it so special. Do all the nice things and plan a nice day/evening and pop the question on the beach or in the hills. It could also lead to a tradition. You could celebrate your first anniversary (if able) by going back to that same spot. Or pick a new place and make it your own!

Ask During a Sporting Event

If you’ve got yourself a girl who loves sports, then go old school and propose to her during the sporting event. They run some pretty cute things around Valentine’s Day. I know there have been some great proposals using this idea. Make sure to get tickets to her favourite team, not yours (haha). Don’t need to start a fight on proposal day though so be prepared. Hopefully you two like the same team so you don’t need to bother with any disagreements. Also, do your research and make sure you have this planned out well in advance, so all your plans fall into place swimmingly. I’m sure they’re rather busy on and around Valentine’s Day.

During a Lovely Dinner at a Restaurant

I think we’ve all seen many a proposal done during dinner. Some may think it’s over done or don’t think their significant other will like it. What matters is the fact that you’re going to get married and that’s what really matters. There is absolute beauty in proposing in a nice restaurant during a lovely dinner. You could get reservations to her favourite restaurant. If that doesn’t work, then take her to a place that serves her favourite food. It’s surely not done enough, and more rings should be in wine glasses, in my honest opinion.

Pick a Location With Meaning

I think every relationship has gone through ups and downs. We all can form attachments to a certain activity or place. If your girlfriend has a favourite spot or location, think about proposing in that special place. Where your old cologne and take a trip down memory lane. Also, think about the outfit she likes you to wear. Triggering happy memories only works in your favour. Don’t forget to pack her favourite snack and drink. The little things count in the end.

A Beautiful Snowy Day

Another very romantic time of year to propose is in the winter. Snow isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s gorgeous. Especially if your plan to propose isn’t to picky on timing because the weather doesn’t always compromise. Don’t worry about everything either. Think about just taking her for a walk in a pretty neighbourhood or even downtown. It all looks so cosy and beautiful. There could even be a favourite spot on any property that you have that could make for a beautiful proposal. Just don’t rule out things close to home.

Take a Stroll Through The City

You may have you a woman that loves to shop, even window shoppers. Taking a stroll through any city and maybe buying her a couple gifts could start you out with a happy woman. You could take her to a restaurant that has big windows or is oriented around a pretty place. Nothing quite like being able to enjoy a great dinner in a beautiful location. Try to squeeze in something small that you know she’d love to do while in the city.

Hide The Ring

Oh, my goodness, if you’ve never considered maybe putting the ring in a book or bag or anything that you know she’s going to open right away is a great idea. This would make for a very cute and unique Valentine’s Day. Maybe tie a ribbon to the ring and have it hidden inside a book. Surprising her with a book you know she wants can help guarantee that she’s going to crack that open ASAP. Don’t rule out putting it in a card either. Especially if you write her a personal note on the card. That would be so lovely.

Making it a Kid Free Event

If you’re like a lot of couples out there, you may have kids. Nothing quite helps a mum relax like having some kid free time. You could surprise her by finding a sitter and planning a romantic evening. It can be hard finding a sitter on Valentine’s Day, but don’t rule out family or if you know any young teens who would love to babysit your kids. Be sure to fill it with things you know she’d enjoy. Don’t feel like it must be at a fancy restaurant. She might be the kind of girl that would like to be proposed to during her favourite movie. Maybe you’re dating a girl who loves board games. I believe there’s plenty of room inside the game battleship. Maybe at the end of the game you could show her your board and boom! Just don’t feel like it has to be a huge thing because the right woman does not care.

Involve Your Pets

A lot of women are animal lovers. Does she have a dog? Cat? Tie that ring to the animal and write a note with it. She’ll love it. Do this inside though because it would stink if the little guy ran around the yard while you’re trying to propose. No fun. Maybe you even have a really well-trained dog or cat and they’ll carry something in their mouth. That would be so cute.

Involve The Kids

If you have trouble swinging a kid free evening or you have special circumstances that make that difficult, think about how you can involve kids. This could even be a great bonding moment, especially for blended families. Ask your kids for ideas or what they think their mum would like. You might be surprised by what they come up with. Just don’t hide it in a diaper. No no no.

Involve Family and Friends

Proposing is definitely a perfect time to exploit your friends and family. They could be a distraction while you’re planning a surprise. Don’t let it be too obvious. Maybe just text her friends and see if they could invite her to do this and that or plan it on a day that you’re planning on spoiling her anyway. Maybe a birthday or other holiday. Your friends and family could even help you set up whatever you need if you think it’d be better to be the one to take her out.

Ideas for the Woman Proposing

Ask Him at a Sporting Event

“Normally,” women are waiting for their significant other to pop the question, but what is normal anyway. If nothing else, Valentine’s Day is a good decoy for any proposal plans you’re coming up with. One idea is to propose at a sporting event. You’ll know better than anyone what that sport is. And don’t get too bent to do it right on Valentine’s Day because you could even plan it for another time of year but agree to make those plans your Valentine’s Day. So, keep it small the day of and go all out on that special day.

Make it a Group Event

Planning on Valentine’s Day makes it special all on its own. Plan a surprise get together with friends at the end of a romantic evening. Invite the people that he loves, even if you’re not a total fan because that’s what he’s going to enjoy. Involve family and kids and all the people that has been watching your relationship grow to this step.

Ask Him Over Dinner

If he’s a bigger fan of nice evenings out, plan a Valentine’s Day dinner as usual, but take him to his favourite place. Be sure to decide when during the meal you want to pop the question. Having things planned out can help but try to be flexible as well because unforeseen things happen all the time and don’t think that Valentine’s Day is any exception. Maybe ask well in advance what they’d like to do.

Nerf War Proposal

I’ve seen some wives plan a nerf war as a surprise. Sounds a little weird for Valentine’s Day to some people maybe but if you’re aiming for marriage now would be the time to be weird. You could just tell him you need something from the store and while he’s gone you could get set up. You can prep any fun instructions on paper in advance. One way to surprise him is to have the ring where his guns/ammo are located. Keep it fun!

The Scavenger Hunt Proposal

This idea could totally work after a lovely Valentine’s Dinner. Make the man work for it and create a scavenger hunt. Prep in advance. If you can’t prep completely because he is there, then prep all that you can and make what’s left only take a couple minutes to finish. You can get in the car and claim you forgot something and set up the rest! You can always make this into your own version too! Be creative and have fun.

At Home Dinner

If you have yourself more of an introvert, try creating a fun/romantic Valentine’s Day at home. You can ask him what he’d like to eat and cook it for him. Don’t rule out asking about his favourite snacks because that could be a good way to keep him busy while you cook, or you guys can cook together. It’s hard to get reservations on Valentine’s Day so if all else fails, don’t rule out the whole proposal, just take the proposal to your own home.

Make it Monster Truck Big

Your man might even have a big interest in other things monster trucks or car shows. Those get loud so plan on proposing maybe afterwards. You can also take them to their favourite movie and pop the question there. It would probably be a good surprise to be able to do one of his hobbies on Valentine’s Day.


Relax and Have Fun

No matter how you decide to do it, your proposal will be beautiful. As long as it comes from your heart, it will be lovely. Just remember to plan ahead as much as you can, but don’t be afraid of some spontaneity either. There’s a balance there that I’m sure you’ll find. Just have fun and be you! And when it's done and they have said yes, come see me to get the real fun started ;)

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