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Introducing Jodie Martin – Professional Marriage Celebrant

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Hi there!

My name is Jodie Martin and I wanted to invite you to exclusively view my new look website for JM Life Journey Celebrations. My Celebrant services are the perfect start to your wedding journey, no matter how big or small your day will be. I will be there to guide you along your way, whether it be the legal stuff or the romantic touches to your vows. You bring the love and I’ll help create the laughter by telling the unique magic which is your love story.

A little about me: I am in my late 30s, married and have a bubbly little red-haired girl in my shadow. I am extremely creative and love to get into all things adventurous. I am the first to over commit to any dress up event and my friendly approachable nature means that I will talk to just about anyone! I am very flexible, am almost always smiling, have a serious obsession with all things glittery/shiny and my empathetic nature means I bend over backwards to meet the needs of those I care about.

If this all sounds like your cup of tea, head on over to and let's chat. I would love to meet you and your fiancé and potentially start the beginning of your beautiful Life Journey.

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